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Packman Surfs The World

I'm currently pursuing a personal goal to visit and surf all 182 coastal nations on earth. is my personal website. I am Pack Landfair, aka Woodrow Landfair, aka Packman Surfs The World. 

Among many other things, I am the author of the novel Land Of The Free, founder of Live The Land Of The Free Lifestyle Company, and owner of the #1 surf rental destination in mainland USA, the only surf shop in the world open 6:30am, the one and only El Porto Surf Shop in El Porto, California (a tiny beach town 10 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport). Most importantly, I am human, authentic, and have this site to connect with others, to contribute some positivity to the world, and to grow personally.

Partially inspired by my surf shop's many international and traveling customers, my odyssey to surf earth's 182 coastal nations is the subject of my new book: Here To Surf, Vol.1 (available for pre-order April 2023).

Why Surf The World?

My intention in this adventure is to learn, grow, have fun, see new places, connect with other individuals, to develop and to share my gifts - and to get to explore local surf cultures, as well as local cannabis and mushroom practices. I'm also doing this to get to practice yoga, tai chi, and similar ancient wellness in other cultures, but mainly I'm just doing this because I believe I can and should - and I wanna pick-up and lay-down positive vibes in as many places across earth as I can, and to write about the journey in order to share the philosophy I learn to live through it... if I live through it. This is a 182 nation odyssey afterall, I've only surfed 13 countries so far, and I anticipate this taking roughly 20 years - while life itself is deadly, unpredicatably short, and inherently dangerous. 

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Keep In Touch

If we've crossed paths before and it'd be good to cross paths again, send me an email at the address on the bottom of this page, or call/text my surf shop (number below) and leave a message for me with my staff. I don't have any social media acounts for myself or my businesses because I believe social media poisons the mind and kills the human spirit. So I do real life human-to-human living only. I prefer to live free of any "advances" in technology made to be addictive, and made to psychologically and emotionally manipulate its users in order to alter their thoughts and behaviors. 

In the US, I love traveling and living in my surf bus. It's taken me to 46 states since June 2020, with my dog and two different girlfriends (not at the same time). I like to surf up and down both east and west coasts, the 'south coast' from west Florida through Texas, and in rivers and lakes in between. I'm still at it. Invitations considered. Suggestions accepted.

Back in El Porto, as the neighborhood surf shop owner and self-proclaimed Unelected Mayor, it's my duty to spread stoke to newcomers and locals alike. I enjoy surfing, reading on the beach, making and selling empowering things through my businesses, and spending time at my surf shop with my customers, employees, and neighbors - as well as at the yoga studios and locally-owned bars and restaurants that make up this magical neighborhood on the California coast. 

I'm always looking to surf, and to play a game of scrabble or chess, to mess around on guitar and sing, or to talk books, philosophy, surfing, or baseball so hit me up when I'm traveling in your area, or when you're in El Porto.  Thank you to my staff whom I am blessed to employ and to lead in my endeavors, and a special thanks to those of you who shop in my stores and buy my books

See ya in the water,

 Woodrow "Pack" Landfair

aka Packman Surfs The World 

El Porto Shop: call/text (310) 753-1509

Packman surfs The World, Pack Landfair, Woodrow Landfair, El Porto Surf Shop, PackmanSurfsTheWorld

El Porto Surf Shop

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